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Richmond Fast Towing offers tilt tray towing services at attractive prices all over Richmond. Our operators are highly knowledgeable in the tilting and towing operations and can facilitate transportation of large loads quickly and effectively. You won’t find better tilt tray towing services in Richmond than at Richmond Fast Towing.

How Do We Tow Using a Tilt Tray?

Tilt Tray Richmond

Tilt tray towing is popular with people who have had to move oversized equipment of large shipping containers. For the uninitiated, tilt tray towing features a tray that can be tilted at an angle that the rear edge touches the ground. This facilitates the loading of heavy equipment onto the bed of the truck without the need for a crane or a boom. The tilting is made possible by a hydraulic system under the bed of the truck. It tilts the tray and slides it backwards too. There is a winch at the front of the tray that can be used to pull the loads onto the tray fully before bringing the tray to the normal horizontal position.

The operators of the tilt truck should undergo extensive training before being assessed. This is because of the damage an improperly operated tilt truck can cause to the cargo. The operation procedure adopted by Richmond Fast Towing is as follows:

  • The truck is parked in front of the load. Adequate space between the load and the truck is ensured because the tilt tray needs space while it slides backward.
  • The tray is then tilted and made to slide using the hydraulic controls. The tray is checked for the right position by the operator.
  • The winch that is at the front of the tray is unwound till the bar attached to it is right in front of the load. It is then hooked up so that the operator can winch the load onto the tilted tray.
  • The tray is then made to return to the horizontal position after ensuring that the load is safely on the tray.
  • The load is then winched forward until it reaches the front of the tray, making it ready for transportation to the destination.

Tilt Tray Towing Benefits

  • Quick Operation: The process of getting your vehicle or cargo onto the tilt tray truck is very quick and efficient. There is more flexibility in the position of the car or cargo to be transported.
  • Damage Protection: Tilt trays ensure that your cargo remains safe and undamaged. This is especially useful if you are looking to transport damaged cars. Damaged cars are delicate and should be handled carefully to prevent further damage. The tilt tray truck is the best option for moving your vehicle to safety after a breakdown or accident. There is less chance for the car to be damaged than if it had its two wheels on the ground.
  • No-Risk of Disconnection: Unlike traditional towing, you can be sure that your cargo or vehicle won’t get disconnected while transportation. A detachment is possible in the case of normal towing due to many reasons: a faulty hook, bad terrain, uneven weight distribution etc. You can be sure that your cargo is perfectly safe and stable on a flatbed.
  • Passenger Transport: Most tilt tray trucks come with seating capacities of up to 4 or even 5 passengers. This can be convenient for passengers as they don’t have to get an extra ride to get to their destination while their car is being towed away. Finding a ride on a busy arterial road while your car is being towed can be a nightmare.

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